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Verdot One Meter Manufacturing Column

Price: $38,500.00

This manufacture scale column has never been used and it is being offered at a fraction of the cost for a newly ordered one.

Features and Specifications Include:


The sale price also includes free delivery of all equipment within 10 days anywhere in the continental US!

  • Diameter: 1 Meter (area = 7850 cm2)
  • Materials:
    • Column bass, top flow adapter, inlet and outlet tubing: 316L Stainless Steel
    • Column Tube is Schott AG glass
    • 30 micro 316L SS upper and lower frits
    • Inflatable top flow adapter seal is EPDM
    • 2L Bubble Trap is 316L SS and Schott glass
    • Wheels are non-marking rubber
  • Working Volumes:
    • Lower resin volume ~70 L (9 cm)
    • Upper resin volume ~400 L (50 cm) (56cm is maximum upper flow adapter height)
    • Top flow adapter is adjusted using the manually operated top wheel
    • Inflatable flow adapter seal with control valve
    • 2L attached bubble trap
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