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Ecoline Lauda 100 Immersion Thermostat Waterbath

Price: $1,195.00

The Ecoline Lauda 100 has an immersion thermostat secured to a stainless-steel water bath, which is intended for heating and pumping liquids as well as fluid circulation to an external unit(s). This unit is in excellent condition and includes a thirty-day warranty.

Features include:

  • Large, 7.0+ L stainless-steel vessel for fluids
  • Internal and external circulation via pump outlets
  • 7-segment LCD display (3.5 places) with additional symbols for indicating bath temperature, settings, and operating states
  • Electronic input of setpoint with additional adjustment using two to three keys
  • Manual adjustment of pump outflow within immersion thermostat
  • Pressure pump with vario drive (programmed, adjustable)
  • Two, separate PT100 temperature probes for measuring temperature and safety circuit
  • Stainless-steel heating covers
  • PDF manual available
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