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Shel Lab 1012 Hybridization Oven

Price: $1,450.00

With a hybridization oven, incubations can take place inside the oven, under constant rotation, and can provide an even distribution of probe solution over the membrane. Hybridization ovens offer better agitation, higher through put, and they require less volume per membrane area than other types of hybridization, resulting in savings to the lab. The 1012 has a variable speed control to optimize the speed of rotation for a particular probe and permits hybridization and washing at different speeds at the touch of a button. This unit has a 30-day warranty.

Features and Specifications:

  • Large capacity carousel
  • Variable speed control: 0-15 RPMs
  • Incremental jogging switch: For easy loading and unloading
  • CAM action door latch
  • Microprocessor control
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