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Waters 2487 Dual Wavelength UV-Vis Detector

Waters 2487 Dual Wavelength UV-Vis Detector
Price: $3,895.00

The Waters 2487 Detector is the most sensitive and versatile absorbance detector for HPLC. Designed to provide the highest performance in UV/Vis detection, the 2487 detector offers the superior sensitivity required for detection of minor impurities, with the linear dynamic range to simultaneously quantitate major and minor components for both routine and complex.

With versatile and easy programmability from the front panel keypad, time saving qualification derived from the built-in cuvette holder, the ability to view real-time chromatograms or spectral scans via the front panel LCD display, and dual wavelength performance, the Waters 2487 Detector will enhance the productivity of any chromatography operation.


  • Patented TaperSlit flow cell- Ensures highest sensitivity while maintaining optimal spectral performance.
  • Lamp Optimization Utility- Automatically maximizes S/N in visible and UV wavelength ranges ensuring consistent results over time.
  • Simplified User Maintenance - Easily accessible mirrors, interchangeable flow cells and pre-aligned lamps make the 2487 easy to operate and maintain.
  • Application versatility - Optimal detector performance for use in analytical, preparative and microbore applications

This detector is in very nice condition and passes all self-tests. It is being offered with a 30 day unconditional warranty. An Operator's Manual is also included.

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