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Heidolph TitraMax 1000 Vibrating Platform Shaker

Price: $1,150.00

The Heidolph Titramax 1000 vibrating platform shaker is the best built shaker in the industry. The Model 1000 is even compatible with harsh incubator environments

This unit is in like new condition and is being offered at a little over half the cost of a new instrument. The unit comes with a 60-day warranty.

Features include:

  • Insulated system to prevent any heat transfer from the motor that could cause potential thermal damage to your sample.
  • 1.5 mm vibration orbit performs gentle mixing with best results using small sample volumes.
  •  Adjustable variable speed on the analog control knob from 150 to 1,350 rpm.
  • Medium sized and space saving unit that accepts load capacities of 5 kg.
  • Can accommodate up to 6 microtiter plates for increased throughput.
  • Analog process timer allows for unattended operation and can be set from 1 to 120 minutes.
  • Acoustic alarm will sound and the operation stops when the set time has elapsed.
  • Suitable for harsh incubator climates and for applications which require variable temperature control of up to 65°.


  • Electrical: 115 Volts / 60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 320 x 125 x 375 mm
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