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Microfluidics M110-Y Microfluidizer with Heat Exchangers

Microfluidics M110-Y Microfluidizer with Heat Exchangers
Price: $10,350.00

The M-110Y is ideal for producing high yields of cell rupture with minimal processing. Cell walls are ruptured by shearing forces that do not destroy cell contents and allow for easy separation. The instrument is also recommended for fine emulsions, ultradispersions, liposomes, and microcapsules.

This microfluidizer is in very nice condition and has been performance tested. It is priced at less than half the cost of a new instrument. This instrument is unique since it uses highly efficient tube heat exchangers to cool the solution that is being processed.  It also comes with an autoclavable air motor assembly.  The unit is being offered with a 60 day warranty and Operator's Manual. Don't miss out on this one!


  •  Pressure range 3,000-30,000 psi
  •  100-600 mL/min flow rate
  •  14 mL minimum sample size

Features of this instrument include:

  •  G10Z Ceramic Interaction Chamber.
  •  Small diameter tubing for minimum hold up volume
  •  Digital Pressure transducer assembly
  •  Autoclavable air motor assembly
  •  Tandem tube heat exchangers
  •  High pressure hose with pressure regulator
  •  500 mL stainless steel sample reservoir
  •  Operation manual
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