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Hitachi L-7000 Series HPLC System with Data Station Software

Hitachi L-7000 Series HPLC System with Data Station Software
Price: $6,600

Hitachi L-7000 Series HPLC systems have been the workhorse in many laboratories over the years.  They still continue to be used extensively for general HPLC analysis.  This HPLC system is in very good working condition and is available for immediate sale.  The system includes the following components:

  • D7000 System Interface
  • L7100 Gradient pump (s/n 1051-032)
  • L7200 programmable auto-sampler (s/n 1274-073)
  • L7400 UV detector (s/n 1109-044)
  • L7455 Diode array detector (s/n 1109-044)
  • Computer with software (Chromatography Data Station Software v. 4.0)

The instrument was retrieved from a working laboratory and is being sold at a fraction of the cost of a new instrument.   The computer data station allows the user to quickly analyze chromatograms and obtain hard copies.  The system comes with a complete set of User’s manuals and a 60-day warranty.  Don’t miss out on this one.

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