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Millipore Guava EasyCyte HT Flow Cytometer

Millipore Guava EasyCyte HT Flow Cytometer
Price: $39,500

The Millipore Guava easyCyte HT Flow Cytometer is a flexible, compact and reliable high throughput benchtop system. This flow cytometer system produces dependable data for a wide range of multi-color cellular and bead assays. The instrument accommodates 96-well plates and up to 10 tubes in a single load. The EasyCyte HT doesn’t require sheathing fluid, so you can achieve absolute quantification, without the use of reference beads. The cytometer is equipped with a rotating, variable speed mixing paddle with auto cleaner. So, after loading the plate, there is no need for manual resuspension, and mixing is more efficient than with a shaking plate format.

The EasyCyte HT Flow Cytometer is the perfect instrument for cell counting, viability and drug discovery.  It offers a wide variety of turn-key assays for single cell based applications. Data acquisition and analysis is also simple with the use of the guavaSoft Software, that includes dedicated training modules for new users. Data acquired by is automatically stored and can be recalled later for further analysis, as well as exported to a spreadsheet. The flow cytometery system also employs an easyCheck Module to make sure the system is performing at its best as well as a cleaning module to automatically clean the instrument after a run.

This instrument is in very nice condition and comes fully equipped.  Many extras are also included in the sale.  It is priced at about 50% the cost of a new instrument and comes with a 60-day warranty.


  • Operating temperature:  16-35 deg C
  • Operating humidity:  10-90% relative humidity
  • Power requirements:  110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz; 120W
  • Detection:  5 colors including forward scatter
  • Laser:  1, blue 488 nm (50 mW)
  • Flow cell dimension:  standard square capillary with ID of 100 um
  • Pump:  7 – 36 µL/min
  • Sample flow rate:  positive displacement
  • Waste and cleaning vials:  30 mL glass vial with screw cap
  • Dead volume:  50 µL for 96 well plates; 75 µL for 0.5 mL microfuge tubes
  • Sample concentration:  final particle concentration of 104 to 5x105 particles/mL
  • Sample requirement:  For accurate results – up to 2.5 x 106 beads/mL for the RapidQuant assay; as few as 2,000 cells/test depending on the assay


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