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Thermo Forma Steri-Cycle Model 370 CO2 incubator

Thermo Forma Steri-Cycle Model 370 CO2 incubator
Price: $4,250.00

The Thermo Forma Steri-Cycle Model 370 CO2 incubators feature an in-chamber HEPA air filtration system that continuously filters the entire chamber volume every 60 seconds and maintains cleanroom-like Class 100 air-quality conditions. Class 100 air quality conditions are achieved within five minutes following a routine door opening. Additionally, an on-demand 140°C high-temperature sterilization cycle eliminates contamination from all internal surfaces simplifying cleaning procedures. Accurate microprocessor control of temperature and CO2 concentration is easy to program. Other programmable specifications include configurable audible on/off, an access code, a HEPA filter change reminder, remote alarm contacts, tracking low temperature and high and low CO2 alarms.

We have two of these units available and both are in near-perfect condition.  The incubator is priced at about half the cost of a new one and comes with a 60-day warranty.


  • On-demand sterilization cycle
  • Capacity:  6.5 cu ft (184 liters)
  • Control Type:  Microprocessor
  • Sensor Type:   Thermo Conductivity
  • Maximum Temperature:  50°C
  • Temperature Stability:  0.1° C at 37° C
  • Dimensions:  100 cm (high) x 67 cm (wide) x 100 cm (deep)
  • Chamber dimensions:  50 cm (deep) x 68 cm (high) x 54 cm (wide)
  • Number of stainless steel shelves:  3
  • Number of shelf positions:  15
  • Internal Construction:  Stainless steel
  • Power:  115 VAC;  50/60 Hz


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