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Mettler Toledo XA105DU Dual-Range Analytical Balance

Mettler Toledo XA105DU Dual-Range Analytical Balance
Price: $2,900.00

The XA105 DU analytical balance offers all the important functionality research lab personnel need to achieve accurate weighing results. The top level weighing cell and the unique SmartGrid weighing pan combine to give fast and accurate results. SmartGrid and the dedicated ErgoClip accessories optimize weighing processes to provide increased results reliability and easy dosing. The touchscreen and user-friendly interface make using the balance intuitive and easy. Clever solutions for cleaning means that the XA105 balance is easy to take care of as well.

This dual-range analytical balance is in premium condition and is being offered at about half the retail cost for a comparable balance.  It is being sold with a 60-day warranty.


  • SmartScreen- monochrome touchscreen with individual configurable operation fields.
  • Removable terminal with replaceable protective cover
  • FACT – Fully automatic internal adjustment and linearization.
  • Operates in many different languages
  • Overload protection
  • 3 identifications can be defined for each sample
  • Built-in RS232C interface and two auxiliary outlets
  • Feed-though for weighing below the balance
  • Serial connection to PC possible
  • ErgoClip basket – for reagent and centrifuge tubes
  • Easy cleaning – can dismantle the draft shield in seconds
  • Easy access – the user can open each door from both sides for ease


  • Maximum Capacity:   120 grams
  • Maximum Capacity (fine range):  41 grams
  • Readability:  0.1 mg
  • Readability (fine range):  0.01 mg
  • Repeatability (at nominal load):  0.1 mg (100g)
  • Repeatability (at low load):  0.05 mg
  • Repeatability, fine range (at low load):  0.02 mg
  • Linearity deviation:   0.2 mg
  • Sensitivity offset (test load):  0.8 mg (100 mg)
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