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Nikon Diaphot-TMD Inverted Fluorescence Phase Microscope

Nikon Diaphot-TMD Inverted Fluorescence Phase Microscope
Price: $6,250.00

The Nikon Diaphot Inverted Fluorescence Phase microscope has been a workhorse in numorous labs around the world.  This scope is complete and comes with a number of attractive features. 

This microscope is being sold at a fraction of the cost of a new unit and comes with a 60-day warranty.

Features include:

  • Nikon objective lenses including:
  • Ph 1, E10 0.25
  • Ph2, DL 20/0.4
  • Ph3,  DL E40 0.65
  • Plan 4, 0.1
  • Nosepiece that rotates smoothly into 6- positions
  • Manual XY stage movement using vertical controllers
  • Nikon Phase Contrast Turret Condenser
  • EL WD 0.3 Condenser lens
  • Halogen Transmitted light source (12V; 100W).
  • Eyepiece pair:  CFWN 10X/20 mm
  • Iris diaphragm in transmitted light path
  • Three filter slots with filters installed
  • Digital Camera (9.0 MP) with USB outlet
  • Phase settings: Ph1, Ph2, Ph3 and empty space for brightfield
  • 100W mercury lamp housing with mercury lamp
  • Nikon HBO external power supply for mercury lamp
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