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GE Healthcare WavePod II Bioreactor Controller

GE Healthcare WavePod II Bioreactor Controller
Price: $3,450.00

The GE Healthcare WAVEPOD II module integrates all the instrumentation associated with the WAVE Bioreactor 20/50 system, including optical dissolved oxygen, optical pH, and CO₂/O₂ gas mixing controls, to meet individual cell culture needs for insect cell, mammalian cell, perfusion, or cell therapy research applications. The unit combines these four key instruments into a single compact device, which connects via a digital link to the WAVE Bioreactor base. A large color touchscreen allows easy access to all parameters, including data from the bioreactor.

This module was removed from a lab where it was used in the cGMP production facility.  It is in excellent condition and could immediately be used in conjunction with a Wave bioreactor.  This unit is being sold at a major discount and is offered with a 60-day warranty.


  • Clean and user-friendly design makes it suitable for a production environment.
  • Large touch screen with helpful prompts.
  • Optical pH and DO sensors are embedded in Cellbag bioreactors for robust and accurate process control.
  • Secure online data acquisition with UNICORN DAQ 1.0 software.


  • Dimensions:  395 x 280 x 405 mm
  • Flow rate:  Min 0.2 L/min for full CO2 specifications
  • Electrical:  50/60 Hz / 200 Watt / 110 – 240 VAC
  • Monitoring:  4.5-8/5 pH control range; 6-8 DO measurement range; (many more)
  • Weight:  13.6 kg
  • Model:  CO2 O2 PHOPT DOOPT II
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