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Varian Saturn 2000 series Ion Trap GC/MS with CP-3800 GC

Varian Saturn 2000 series Ion Trap GC/MS with CP-3800 GC
Price: $24,500.00

We are offering this Varian Saturn Ion Trap 2000 GC/MS System with a CP-3800 GC. The Saturn 2000 series ion trap GC/MS system is the most widely used ion trap GC/MS in the world. The Varian 2200 GC/MS combines the versatility of our proven 3800 GC and the performance of our industry leading ion trap MS. These components combined create a platform as a versatile GC and flexible MS system. Both components support a remarkable array of highly productive, easy-to-use options. Under MS Workstation control, complex configurations become very simple to operate.

This unit was in excellent working condition when carefully dismantled and removed from a local working laboratory. The system comes complete with extra GC columns, software, vacuum pump, computer and monitor. Sale includes shipping to your facility within the US and Canada. The instrument is being sold AS IS but we will provide a $3,000 allowance for you to get it professionally installed at your facility.

Saturn 2200 features:

  • Mass range from 10 to 650 amu
  • EI Source
  • Scan range is time programmable throughout the run
  • Varian CP 3800 GC with Split/Splitless Inlet
  • Mechanical Pump
  • Varian Star Data System

CP-3800 features:

  • Can accommodate multiple injectors and detectors
  • Easily configured to perform on-line analysis for monitoring gas and liquid process streams
  • Simplified PC control for streamline operation
  • Spacious oven that accomodates three or more columns
  • Varian Quick Connects provide easy column installation
  • Rapid oven cool down increases sample throughput
  • Galaxie Chromatography Data System
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