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Life Technologies EVOS AUTO FL Fluorescence Imaging System with Accessories

Life Technologies EVOS AUTO FL Fluorescence Imaging System with Accessories
Price: $24,500

The Life Technologies EVOS™ FL AUTO Imaging System was designed for a broad range of applications including, but not limited to, multiple-channel fluorescence imaging, protein analysis, pathology, cell culture, and in situ imaging. With positions for 5 objectives and 4 fluorescent light cubes, the EVOS FL Imaging System provides the flexibility to help meet most imaging research applications.

A Life Technologies EVOS™ Cell Imaging System is a must-have in your lab for cell imaging whether you’re capturing images for publication, teaching, or research. EVOS systems were designed to allow researchers to focus on their data rather than worrying about the operation of a microscope. From cell culture to complex protein analysis and multichannel fluorescence imaging, EVOS imaging systems help you perform a variety of routine and specialty applications.  Proprietary LED light cube technology is designed to minimize photo-bleaching, offers >50,000 hours of LED illumination, and allows adjustable intensity—with no darkroom and no consumable costs. 

This instrument is in immaculate condition.  It is being sold with three fluorescent light cubes (DAPI, GFP and TX RED) along with a variety of vessel holders for the stage. It is being offered at $$thousands less than an equivalent system on the retail market. Don’t miss out on this one!


  • Publication quality images are always available
  • High quality camera and optics to give maximum resolution
  • Easy to use image and capture software
  • LED light source is used to replace the traditional Mercury light source
  • Hard-coated filter sets are used to enable higher transmission efficiencies
  • Use of the light cubes means brighter fluorescence, higher transmission efficiencies, the ability to detect faint fluorescence signals, and better signal-to-noise ratios.
  • Ancillary Windows 7 based computer with EVOS software.
  • Large monitor for detailed images


  • Illumination adjustable-intensity LED ( 50,000 hour life per light cube)
  • Contrast Methods: Epifluorescence and transmitted light (bright field and phase-contrast)
  • 5 – position objective turret
  • Fluorescence channels: Simultaneously accommodates up to 4 fluorescent light cubes
  • Condenser working distance:  60 mm
  • Stage:  Computer controlled stage for course and fine adjustments.
  • Interchangeable vessel holders – available with instrument
  • LCD Display 15-inch high res (1024 x 768 pixels) color monitor with adjustable tilt
  • Camera:  ony ICX285AQ color CCD, 1360 x 1024, 1.4 megapixels
  • Image acquisition: External computer with integrated software for image acquisition
  • Output ports:  3 USB ports, 1 DVI port
  • Power supply:  AC adaptor
  • Dimensions: Height 58 cm (23 in); Depth 47 cm (19 in); Width 36 cm (14 in)
  • Objectives (4 total): LPLAN PH2 4x/0.13; PLAN Fluor 10x/0.3; PLAN Fluor 20x/0.45; PLAN Fluor 40x/0.65


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