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Labconco Model 44000-00 Free Standing Steam Scrubber

Labconco Model 44000-00 Free Standing Steam Scrubber
Price: $4,650.00

The Labconco Steam Scrubber Model 44000-00 freestanding washer is a workhorse in numerous labs. This glassware washer has a built-in steam generator to penetrate and remove dried residue. It also has a built-in purified water pump that allows use of a non-pressurized purified water supply for up to six pure water rinses. Wash arms are located on the bottom of the racks, allowing more space for glassware and larger items such as animal cages. Interchangeable racks allow you to use the upper and lower spindle racks.  This model is the freestanding model and allows the user the flexibility to use it in multiple laboratories. The glassware washer is designed and manufactured to thoroughly clean all your glassware and accessories.  Using the soft-touch control panel, you can select pre-programmed wash cycles or program your own based on your individual requirements. 

This unit is in very nice condition and is offered at about half the cost of a new one.  It is being sold with a 60-day warranty.

Features include:

  • Key pad control for quick control and display of wash cycles
  • Freestanding to allow flexibility in location
  • Option switches for steaming and using purified water for the final rinses
  • Compact in size to save precious lab space
  • Mounted on casters for easy movement
  • Easy adapting to existing water sources
  • Includes top and bottom racks
  • Includes Culture tube / test tube insert
  • Includes utensil basket – for small items.


  • Minimum fill water temperature:  120ºF (49ºC)
  • Water consumption per fill:  2.5 gallons (9.5 liters)
  • Minimum feed water pressure: 20 psi (138 kPa)
  • Maximum feed water pressure:  120 psi (827 kPa)
  • Electrical:  115 volts / 16 amps / 60 Hz  single phase
  • Chamber dimensions:  21.5” (wide) x 19” (deep) x 25.25” (high)
  • Wash temperature:  180ºC


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