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Thermo Scientific Multifuge X1 Countertop Centrifuge with Rotor, Buckets and Inserts

Thermo Scientific Multifuge X1 Countertop Centrifuge with Rotor, Buckets and Inserts
Price: $4,900.00

The Thermo Scientific Multifuge X1 is a general-purpose centrifuge that provides industry-leading capacity, easy-change rotor system, and improved safety features. Units accommodate up to 40% more 50-mL conical tubes than competitive models, increasing productivity in your laboratory. 

This centrifuge is in very nice condition and comes with a swinging bucket rotor with buckets.  The buckets can accommodate 15 mL / 50 mL inserts which are also included in the sale.  It is also sold with a 60-day warranty and is priced at about half the cost of a new unit.

Features include:

  • Variable-speed digital control
  • Automatic rotor recognition to ease programming
  • Stainless steel chamber for safe operation
  • Automatic lid closing and locking for safety
  • Automatic shut off when imbalance is detected
  • LCD can be programmed to hold up to 99 programs
  • Nine preset acceleration and ten preset deceleration levels
  • Digital speed control feature can be adjusted in both RPM and RCF.


  • Maximum speed:  15,200 rpm
  • Speed range:  300 to 15,200 rpm with a maximum RCF of 25,830 x G
  • Rotor configuration: 4 x 400 mL
  • Rotor capacity: 1.6 liter
  • Dimensions (lid closed):   14.2” H x 17.3” W x 23.8” D
  • Weight (without rotor):  128.6 lbs / 57.5 kg
  • Power:  120 Volts / 60 hz


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