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ThermoQuest™ LCQ™ Duo Mass Spec with ThermoQuest HPLC

ThermoQuest™ LCQ™ Duo Mass Spec with ThermoQuest HPLC
Price: $15,500

The ThermoQuest LCQ Duo mass spectrometer in conjunction with HPLC delivers high productivity compound identification for the routine research environment. The ThermoQuest LCQ DUO is a powerful and compact benchtop mass spectrometer for LC/MS/MS. The HPLC component is complete included a photodiode array detector and auto sampler. This Finnigan LCQ-DUO – HPLC system comes with Xcalibur software which permits in-line acquisition and integration of HPLC UV-Vis absorbance data along with mass spectral data. WideBand ActivationTM a standard feature on the ThermoQuest LCQ-DUO which applies resonance excitation energy that fragments the molecular ion and any product ion up to 20 amu less than the precursor ion.

This LC-MS system is in excellent condition and has been fully tested and includes the components listed below.  It is being offered at a price that is attractive for the budget-minded researcher and comes with a 60-day warranty.

Components included:

  • ThermoQuest LCQ Duo Mass spectrometer
  • ThermoQuest Surveyer autosampler
  • ThermoQuest Surveyer MS pump
  • ThermoQuest Surveyer PDA detector
  • Solvent organizer
  • Computer with monitor
  • Installed Xcaliber software and software discs
  • Edwards E2M28 high vacuum pump for Mass spec
  • All original Operational manuals
  • All interface cables, tubing and connectors
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