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Chart MVE XLC 810HE-F-GB Liquid Nitrogen Freezer with TEC 2000 Monitor

Chart MVE XLC 810HE-F-GB Liquid Nitrogen Freezer with TEC 2000 Monitor
Price: $4,295.00

The Chart MVE 810HE liquid nitrogen freezer is a workhorse in the biomedical industry for long term storage of temperature-sensitive samples. The fundamental design was improved dramatically by using vapor phase for sample storage. The result was storage temperatures that were at -190°C which far exceeded the storage temperatures of -130 to -135°C that was realized using other liquid nitrogen cryogenic systems. 

This system is in very nice condition and was used solely for cGMP applications. It comes with a T-2000 monitoring system and is being offered at about half the cost of a new one with similar features.

Features include:

  • The offset neck and guaranteed free moving sample turn tray offer incredible user convenience and sample access.
  • The single sample retrieval point is incredibly ergonomic compared to the reaching and stretching required with standard freezers
  • Specifically designed for vapor storage.
  • Efficient thermal design ensures 95% of system surface area enclosed by vacuum - compare to typical 60% in standard freezers.
  • Lowest sample temperature in the industry with minus 190°C. This ensures an increased safety margin below the Glass Transition Temperature and better long term sample viability in true vapor storage.
  • Lowest liquid usage - typically 40% below equivalent standard tanks of similar capacity. Note that NER’s for competitive tanks are calculated before the addition of the vapor sleeve, which will increase consumption of liquid nitrogen by 50% or more.
  • No artificial aids required to lower and maintain temperature as with competitive tanks. Thus, achieves the lowest running cost/sample.
  • Liquid reservoir below sample platform will typically maintain temperature for more than 20 days in vapor use.
  • Validated to maintain temperature of samples for at least two hours with the lid removed.
  • Compact design means highest number of vials stored per square foot of laboratory space.
  • Differential pressure level measurement - seamless measurement is important in vapor systems as the LN2level is small range -typically 4 to 8 inches.
  • Temperature measurement by RTD, the most accurate system available.
  • Two- point calibration ensures compliance with GLP and GMP.


  • Liquid Nitrogen Capacity:  290 liters
  • Neck Opening:  12.1 inches
  • Inner diameter:  28.5 inches
  • Outer diameter:  31.0 inches
  • Weight empty:  425 lbs
  • Total vial Capacity (1.5-2.0 mL vials):  15,600
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