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Lancer Ultima Series 1300 LX Glassware Washer

Lancer Ultima Series 1300 LX Glassware Washer
Price: $14,500.00

The Lancer 1300 LX is a higher capacity glassware washer that keeps laboratory space limitations in mind. It provides washing and drying on 3 levels with 4 possible rack positions allowing for flexible loading configurations in a compact footprint. The dual drying system through both chamber and injector minimizes total process time.  The load-bearing door provides a platform for convenient loading without having to carry heavy racks from workbench to washer. A variety of rack systems are available to enable economical upgrades when expanding the capacity of your lab if necessary. 

This unit is in mint condition and manufactured in 2018.  It was removed from a working laboratory that had used it briefly prior to closure.  The system is fully tested and comes with several types of rack systems to provide you with the washing flexibility to accommodate all your glassware needs.  It is being offered at a major discount as compared to a new system.

Features include:

  • Optimized cleaning performance
    • Consistent pressure and flow ensured
    • Environmental impact minimized
    • Complete wash coverage for comprehensive cleaning
    • Efficient and ergonomically friendly loading
    • Process control and operation
      • One touch efficiency – preset and custom controls available
      • Documented control through control system monitors
      • Easy to read screen menus to simplify setup and operations


  • Exterior dimensions (WxHxD):  609 x 1643 x 752 mm (24”x64,7”x29,6”)
  • Chamber dimensions (WxHxD):  535 x 644 x 520 mm (21,1”x25,4”x20,5”)
  • Chamber volume:   180 L (6.4 cu.ft.)
  • Weight:  145 kg (319 lbs.)
  • ·        Washing levels:  3
  • Human interface:   Color touch screen 3,5”
  • Controller:  PROLUX - 40 programs
  • Drying:   Dual system - chamber and injector drying
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