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Welch 2522B-1 All Purpose Vacuum Pump

Welch 2522B-1 All Purpose Vacuum Pump
Price: $450.00

The Welch 2522B-1 is ideal for many common laboratory vacuum applications.  Applications include: aspiration, desiccation, SPE and vacuum drying. The vacuum and pressure gauges/regulators are simple to adjust to monitor vacuum level and delivery pressure. 

This pump is in very nice condition and priced hundreds below retail cost for a new one.  It also comes with a 60-day warranty.

Features and Specifications include:

  • Quiet economical
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Vacuum gauge for observing vacuum
  • No messy oil to cope with
  • Maximum vacuum:  110 torr
  • Free air displacement:  18 liters/min
  • Inlet water trap present to seal pump from accidental ingestion of water
  • Use with dry or aqueous vapor applications only.
  • Motor horsepower:  1/8 hp
  • Electrical:  115Volts /60Hz /1 phase
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