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Life Technologies Countess II FL Cell Counter

Life Technologies Countess II FL Cell Counter
Price: $2,350.00

The Life Technologies Countess II FL Automated Cell Counter is a benchtop assay platform equipped with state-of-the-art optics, full autofocus, and image analysis software for rapid assessment of cells in suspension. With three-channel flexibility—brightfield and two optional fluorescence channels—researchers can count cells, monitor fluorescent protein expression, evaluate apoptosis, and measure cell viability.

This unit is in excellent condition and comes with a power supply along with a 60-day warranty.  EVOS light cubes are not included.


  • High accuracy eliminates the subjectivity of manual cell counting
  • Flexibility in ability to accept up to two EVOS light cubes to cover over twenty fluorescence channels
  • Fast in providing total cell count, viability and average cell size within as little as 10 seconds
  • Convenient since not cleanup or routine maintenance is required.
  • Simple user interface to provide quick startup and minimal training
  • Easy to transfer data and images to your PC
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